Coach Eyer fights daily for your success!   He eats, sleeps, works, reads, studies, and dreams about fitness and training.  Our only success is found in seeing you become successful. And to ensure that your fitness and/or weight loss goals become a reality we’re committed to staying on the forefront of the most reliable health and fitness research available. With this information, we have developed a personal training program never before seen in the Southeast of the United States and has gained international attention. The Fitness Training Program has developed into the most in-demand and successful training program in Birmingham and we are excited to share in with you.
So, how have we accomplished this? And, more importantly, how will it help you? We will guide you through our proprietary transformation process that will methodically cover every aspect of your health and fitness. All of our programs are specifically designed around you, your goals and your lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach addresses your physical fitness needs, dietary and supplementation needs. Every program we design is the complete package and will not only make your dream body become a reality but will also ensure that it is easily maintainable.

Below you will find a more detailed description of each of our services.

One on One Personal Training

​A program that is designed specifically to cater towards you and your fitness and/or weight loss goals. We will take into consideration your health history, physical capabilities, daily activity level, personal commitment level, availability, work and family restraints, dietary habits, and your desired time frame for achievement. With this in mind we will design a very specific and detailed program that, if adhered to, will guarantee success. This is our premier service in which we invest a substantial amount of time into each and every session. It can be expected that for each personal training session, we will typically invest somewhere between thirty-minutes and two hours of additional time in preparation. These session are serviced within a one-to-one private structure in which each client gets an enormous amount of individual attention. As is the same with all of our training sessions, the length of each session varies day to day depending on the particular focus for that particular day.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Our semi-private training programs is by far our most popular program and for good reason. Our semi-private sessions are only a fraction of the cost, but yet, very similar to our one-to-one private training sessions in that they include a substantial amount of personalization and individual attention. Yet, in the semi-private model, (which is typically a group between 3 and 6 clients) we are able to incorporate a lot of high energy, team oriented exercises that clients describe as fun, challenging and motivating! Our semi-private training programs include all of the measurement tracking, nutrition counseling and goal setting sessions that are included in our one-to-one private training sessions.

Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning

You cannot “out work” a poor diet, period. Regardless of how great your workouts are, if you are not adequately nourishing your body then you are simply wasting your time, money and energy. But, that does NOT mean you need to starve yourself or eat like a bird. You simply need to learn how to eat with your body and not against it. And, quite frankly that process is different for everyone.
Our approach to this process is very simple. We will take you through a number of different test that will help us identify your body’s current composition, nutrient deficiencies and needs, metabolic type, current speed of food oxidization, lifestyle habits, stress levels, eating and sleeping patterns, and your personal food preferences. Then with this information we will identify what the absolute SMALLEST change is that you can make in your dietary habits that will have the LARGEST impact.
This allows us to give you a very simple and easy to implement change that will guarantee you experience very noticeable results from. We do this because we have learned that success breeds motivation. So, as you see your body changing from such a small change, after a few weeks you are ready to implement the next smallest change that we have identified will have the greatest impact for you. And, before you know it, your body has completely transformed along with your nutrition habits…one small step at a time.  
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