The “Spark” @ Home

Personal Training Program: age 45+, or for those who prefer to get workout done in less time it takes to drive to a gym.


Our “spark cycle” routine is for you; parents, retirees, body toners, and those concerned about overall Health & Wellness. The weight loss news you’ve been waiting for is finally here–and it may very well change your life! You don’t have to live in the gym to get the body of your dreams. Don’t waste 30 minutes driving to the gym, or waiting on equipment to use, or experience embarrasing stares, but rather let me train you at home!

There is a much easier way, thanks to ground breaking research by Glenn Gaesser PHD, an exercise physiologist at the University of Virginia. We show you how to push your “metabolism” to stay in fat-fighting mode all day long, not just while you work out.

According to Gaesser’s study and research, frequent ten minute sparks totalling fifteen per week raising metabolism results were superior to doing sixty minutes of cardio plus strength training three to five times a week. More weight loss, improved heart, blood, and lung function were the results. Dipping in and out of high-energy, quickie workouts stimulates the physiological processes that keep your metabolism in high gear. The start-stop approach that turns your bodies fat-burning processes “on” more often is the key. Additional benefits determine that the multiple bursts were the most effective way to increase the levels of the “anti-aging growth” hormone.

The special spark cycle routine I designed may be done at home or a gym. It requires only a , pair of 3 lb and 5 lb dumbbell set and a mat if preferred. . Can you believe that only 3 hours per week in total is better than 5+ hours in a gym for most of you, and you can do it in your home–I do suggest a partner for the less motivated!

FREQUENCY is better than intensity- let me prove it to you…

Do workouts you can be consistent with anybody can do my Spark “mini workouts.”

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  1. Good morning this Mr Mike , i would like to confirm if you are available for personal training and do you accept credit card as as payment …..?

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