Other Notable Trainees:

Undra Billingsley | DT at University of Alabama

Ryan Childers | OL at Vestavia High School and Jacksonville State University

Curtis Dawson | DL at University of Alabama

Scott Deaton | OL at University of Alabama

Charlie Higginbotham | LB at University of Alabama

Percy Oden | RB at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Andrew Reed | OL at Homewood High School and University of North Alabama

Taylor Pharr | OL at University of Alabama

Anthony Farino | LaCross at Vestavia High School and University of Richmond

Treston Tahmaseb | Vestavia High School and Harvard University

Andrea Smith | LT at Huffman High School, University of  Alabama and Cincinnati Bengals

Drew Dearman | OL at Vestavia Hills High School and University of South Alabama

Mayo Sowell | LB at Auburn University

Nick Sherman | OL at Mississippi College

Calvin Robinson |  DE at University of Western Kentucky

E.J. Moss | LB at Ashville High School and Jacksonville State University

Jordan Sims | OL at Homewood High School and University of Mississippi

Barrett Trotter | QB at Auburn University

Chris Underwood | TE at University of Alabama

Byran Walton | DT at University of Alabama

Each of these Athletes trained under the tutelage of Coach Jack Eyer, CSCS, for 5-6 months in most cases right after their senior HS football seasons and these are excerpts from articles written by magazines and newspapers. After evaluated and tested each athlete was designed a personal training program that addressed weaker muscle groups tailoring it to his needs plus a diet to gain or lose weight with good nutrition was planned for each individual.

Coach Eyer believes that he has trained more athletes that have transitioned from high school to college in Alabama and the Southeast.

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