Each of these Athletes trained under the tutelage of Coach Jack Eyer, CSCS, for 5-6 months in most cases right after their senior HS football seasons and these are excerpts from articles written by magazines and newspapers. After evaluated and tested each athlete was designed a personal training program that addressed weaker muscle groups tailoring it to his needs plus a diet to gain or lose weight with good nutrition was planned for each individual.

Coach Eyer believes that he has trained more athletes that have transitioned from high school to college in Alabama and the Southeast.

Dre Fulgham

Wide Receiver at University of Alabama / New York Giants | “Today Coach Eyer I come back to your training systems for my own fitness and well-being. I choose to train other high school kids exactly as you trained me, and not what I done at college. They worked for me so well early in my career at Alabama and I thank you for the time you put into me both for the basketball team you coached and personal development to meet the challenge of playing footbal at Alabama.” Dre established himself as the strongest wide receive in Bama football history to our knowledge with a bench press of 465lbs., squat 575 lbs., hang clean 335lbs. He was extremely difficult to tackle after receiving the ball and had good athleticism. 6’3″ / 210lbs. while playing at the University of Alabama.

demeco ryans coach eyer

Demeco Ryans

Demeco Ryans presently is the starting inside linebacker for the Houston Texans. While at Jess Lanier High School, Demeco trained for 5 months during and after baseball season with Coach Eyer in a personally designed program to put on the necessary bulk and weight to play linebacker at the University of Alabama. Upon reporting in as a freshman, Demeco weighed 218lbs which allowed him to find playing time in his first year. He gained 75lbs on his max lifts of Bench Press and Hang Clean. Squat increased 125lbs during the same period which helped him to be ready to play as a true freshman. Later was nicknamed The Pain Train with his explosive hits on tackles. Demeco went on to became one of the all time great Linebackers at the University of Alabama, rookie of the year in NFL, and 2 time Pro Bowl player in his first 3 years.

Evan Mathis

Evan Mathis presently plays offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles. Evan was a sleeper high school player from Homewood High School in Birmingham, earning All Metro area awards, when he began training for reporting to Alabama at 6-5 247lbs offensive lineman. He told Coach Eyer CSCS Personal Trainer in the Birmingham area that coaches wanted him to come in at 275lbs. Eyer said he had the perfect body to train on my Progressive Overload system called cycleyer training. With his big bone structure, and hard working wrestling background, I felt strongly he would adapt extremely well which he did gaining in 51/2 months, almost 100lbs each in core lifts: Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Hang Clean, and Squat. In July, he won a state powerlifting meet at Fultondale High School setting some records including the Dead Lift which we only done as a support exercise. Evan got faster and quicker while gaining 29lbs of muscle reporting to Tuscaloosa at 276lbs. As a freshman he beat out Dante Ellington a 2 year starter at left tackle, going on to start 47 consecutive games at tackle and guard for Alabama. His sophmore year at the “Night of Champions” weight lifting exhibition, he Flat Bench Pressed 515lbs, and 5 minutes later done 30 reps. of 225lbs, which may be a record for a sophmore. NFL veteran guard Mike Wahle nicknamed Evan Mathis ”Ogre” because he’s freakishly strong; he’s, like too big, so we call him ogre, Wahle said. “But he’s a very well spoken young man. He’s strong, he’s like ogre strong.” Birmingham News. Evan begins his 10th year in the NFL.

marlon davis coach eyer

Marlon Davis

“YES SIR WITHOUT A DOUBT I WAS IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE AND I CAN NEVER REPAY YOU FOR THE SKILLS AND LIFE LESSONS YOU TAUGHT ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH COACH GOD BLESS” Trained by Coach Jack Eyer CSCS for just over 6 months prior to reporting to UA increasing his Core Lifts 125lbs in BP (475) and Squat (675) and 100lbs in Hang Clean (350). Coach Eyer told Marlon and his mother on phone to expect Marlon a 3 star recruit to expect to play at Bama his first year, which was unexpected to both of them with his results in training! Greg Wallace – Bham. Post Herald “Some freshman walk onto campuses counting on playing time , and are sadly disappointed most often when the opposite occurs. Davis, 6-4 315lbs down 20lbs from HS, slipped quietly onto the UofA campus earlier this month as just another anonymous freshman lineman, expected to fade into the scout-team background and redshirt. Huge surprise, Davis emerged as the first team right guard. It stunned everyone- including Davis himself. “I really didn’t exect this, this early” he said. Davis’s own impressive combination of physical skills and mental balance has him embracing it full-bore. Suddenly, Davis is the #1 right guard and he’s got the body (bench pressing 475lbs) thinks he can come off a double team and can move somebody. HC Mike Shula said tuesday that “We’ll see Marlon Davis on the field in the first game.” He’s got to be better technically, but physically he’s going to be fine ” Connelly OL coach said. If Davis beats back Sanders a senior, and starts against MTSU, it will be a monumental accomplishment- only 8 true freshman have started the season opener since freshman eligibility in 1973 which is 32 years! “Coach Bob Connelly said, “Physically he’s as good as anyone we have out there. He’s got a bright, bright future. He’s going to play a lot as a true freshman.” Marlon Davis came to Tuscaloosa prepared and worked hard in the off-season as several other Alabama football signees were in a work-out program with personal trainer Coach Jack Eyer CSCS. Davis said “I thought it was really good and feel like it helped me a lot.” I was able to get quicker, and faster.”

Greg McElroy

QB at University of Alabama / New York Jets | After high school senior year in training with Coach Eyer; Greg stated, “I am in the best shape I have ever been in. You can certainly tell a big difference. His program really works.” -BamaMag.com “I have not previously felt this type of training in strength, power and endurance before. Coach Eyer raised my conditioning level significantly in a little over 120 days before reporting to Bama.”


Marcell Dareus

Defensive Lineman at the University of Alabama / #2 NFL Draft choice for the Buffalo Bills | “I started in February after basketball and after having not lifted at all since August of the previous year. I trained four sessions weekly till the first week of August increasing each of my core lifts, bench press, squat, hang clean over 100 lbs. each from were I started. I was able to gain 31lbs. of lean muscle and reported to Alabama weighing 301 in great shape.”

Cory Reamer

Linebacker at the University of Alabama / New York Giants | “When we first started the workouts were very intense for me. You could definently tell you were only going to get stronger. I was only able to work out four of those first six weeks because I got sick and lost some weight. But I could definently tell a strength increase and noticeable. Cory’s bench press numbers went 50 lbs., squat 45 lbs., power cleans 45 lbs. Reamer completed two six week cycles and said he is feeling much better and upwards from here.

Saleem Rasheed

Saleem Rasheed came into Alabama a well developed freshman LB from Shades Valley HS weighing 218lbs with a Bench Press of 425lbs and Squat over 500lbs, after training with Coach Jack Eyer CSCS personal trainer for 5 months. Rasheed became the first true freshman in modern times to start on defense for the Crimson Tide and to lead the team in tackles with 84, 19 more than runner up Tony Dixon. He was named Freshman Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC. Defensive Co-ordinator Ellis Johnson is quoted “he’s the most unusual freshman we’ve ever had, and has been that way since the day he got here with his work ethic and maturity!” He’s not intimidated. Source: Bama Magazine 9/2000 (http://alabama.scout.com/2/978891.html) (Note: Saleem beat out two year starter Darius Gilbert and starting every game his freshman season) *First and only true freshman in Bama history to lead the Crimson Tide in tackles with 84 tackles; 19 more than runner up Tony Dixon. Rasheed started in the first game of his freshman year at middle linebacker and would start 35 games in his Bama career. He was the first Tide freshman to start his first game on defense in the modern era. Rasheed, an Academic All-SEC performer, had 81 tackles as a sophomore. Following his junior season, when he led Alabama with 114 tackles, including seven for losses, two sacks and two fumbles he elected to forego his senior season for the NFL draft. His was selected in the 2002 NFL Draft as Pick #4 in the 3rd Round.

Other Notable Trainees:

Undra Billingsley | DT at University of Alabama

Ryan Childers | OL at Vestavia High School and Jacksonville State University

Curtis Dawson | DL at University of Alabama

Scott Deaton | OL at University of Alabama

Charlie Higginbotham | LB at University of Alabama

Percy Oden | RB at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Andrew Reed | OL at Homewood High School and University of North Alabama

Taylor Pharr | OL at University of Alabama

Anthony Farino | LaCross at Vestavia High School and University of Richmond

Treston Tahmaseb | Vestavia High School and Harvard University

Andrea Smith | LT at Huffman High School, University of Alabama and Cincinnati Bengals

Drew Dearman | OL at Vestavia Hills High School and University of South Alabama

Mayo Sowell | LB at Auburn University

Nick Sherman | OL at Mississippi College

Calvin Robinson | DE at University of Western Kentucky

E.J. Moss | LB at Ashville High School and Jacksonville State University

Jordan Sims | OL at Homewood High School and University of Mississippi

Barrett Trotter | QB at Auburn University

Chris Underwood | TE at University of Alabama

Byran Walton | DT at University of Alabama

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